Why is UNIFY a proud supporter of Your Choice? Well, like you, we’re tired of seeing and experiencing anti-social behaviours across our favourite gigs, festivals and live gatherings. YOUR CHOICE is the music industry working together with you, our audiences, to create a better live experience for everyone.


Venues, promoters, and artists can’t create a culture of change without the input and assistance of audiences; working together. Behaviours we need to address include serious incidents and assaults, to verbal abuse, pushing in queues and throwing projectiles at stages. All of which impact the experience of those working and attending during the show, and for long periods of time after.


What YOUR CHOICE is about:

  • Asking people to think twice about their behaviour and its impact on others.
  • Creating shared responsibility for safety between organisers and patrons.
  • Calling out anti-social behaviour when you see it.
  • Reporting negative behaviour to staff, security or police; don’t turn a blind eye.
  • Providing a resource centre for patrons who need advice and assistance.
  • Create safety resource sharing across events, venues and live gatherings.
  • Fostering a safer and more enjoyable live experience.


Help us create a culture of positive change. Build awareness by changing your social media profile picture to the #YourChoiceAU logo today, linking to your-choice.net.au


We’re looking forward to working with you all to create a better live experience at all Unify Presents shows, as well as UNIFY 2019.

Learn more about YOUR CHOICE here:

UNIFY Gathering has created festival community program, The Unity Crew, to continue instilling the values of the festival and to provide peer support for patrons.  This friendly team of volunteers are available to help support your festival experience.  They are equipped with knowledge, maps, resources and timetables to help you find your way back to your tent or tell you when your favourite band is playing.   If you need a hand or see someone else who does, track down a Unity Crew member who will be happy to help.


You’ll often spot Unity Crew members roaming through the arena and campsite. You can also find them at the Unity Crew Huts located throughout the campsite. They may stop by your camp in the daytime to distribute recycling and garbage bags, encouraging green festival practices or just to have a friendly chat.


It doesn’t stop there; The Unity Crew can also support the coordination social service initiatives available at the festival, located at ‘The Lighthouse’.


It’s all of our jobs to take care and look out for one another. The Unity Crew are at the core of this value to make your festival experience the best it can be.

Applications are now closed for UNIFY 2019!

Help us take our festival food court to the next level! There’s a few things you should know:

  • We get a lot of applications, and the process is extremely competitive. Give it your best and WOW! us with your application.
  • Submit quality photos that showcase your stall setup and offerings. We’re looking for creativity and out of control delicious food.
  • Food stallholders can either apply to trade in both food court locations. (The Pit & The Jungle) they both have their benefits!
  • Traders must commit to trading for the duration of the festival (3 days, 4 nights)
  • All food stallholders MUST hold a Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance) to trade at UNIFY (must be valid for ALL date/s you are trading the Festival).
  • All food stallholders MUST be registered with Streatrader. You will be required to provide a copy of your Streatrader Statement valid for ALL date/s you at the Festival.
  • You will need to provide the FULL dimensions of you set up, including any back of house requirements. This will help us make sure all traders are looked after and allocated the appropriate space on site.
  • Upon successful application. If using gas appliances, you will be required to apply for a Section 40 Permit with the CFA to allow you to trade on a day of TOTAL FIRE BAN.
  • You will be required to list ALL powered equipment you will be using onsite, including how many amps/watts each piece of equipment will use.
  • You will be notified if you’ve been successful by the 30th of September 2018 at 5pm.