Tickets will go on sale August 9th, 2018.

UNIFY is a joint venture between UNIFIED Music Group, and THE HILLS ARE ALIVE GROUP. After four amazing festivals the team at UNIFY are super excited to be bringing you the fifth instalment.

Your Choice is a music industry supported campaign initiated to address the growing cultural issues around behaviour and lack of personal accountability within Australian venues and event spaces. These issues are not exclusive to the music industry, they’re prevalent within our society. However, as a community of festival promoters, venue owners, artists, promoters and managers we are banding together under the Your Choice banner to create change. The goal of Your Choice is to help influence a culture of positive behaviour through shared responsibility – as industry organisers and the patrons attending. To find out more about YOUR CHOICE visit here

UNIFY is held in a town called Tarwin Lower, which is in South Gippsland, about two hours South-East from Melbourne. The drive down is beautiful and extremely easy to find. The exact festival location will be released closer to the event dates.

The gates to UNIFY will open at 9am on Friday 11th January and close at 4pm Sunday 13th January.

A select group of punters will get to experience the campsite from 2pm Thursday afternoon through the purchase of an Early Access ticket or Complete Experience ticket.

Please check your junk mail.
If you purchased more than one ticket you will receive an order confirmation and each ‘E-Ticket’ will be emailed to the address you supplied at checkout. An email for each ticket you purchased that will have the PDF E-Ticket attached.


If you bought more than one ticket using the same email address, there is a chance the 2nd, 3rd, 4th …… ticket may have gone into your JUNK folder. Be sure to check your junk email folder if you only received one ticket.

UNIFY Gathering encourages carpooling! The more people in your car, the less impact this has on the festival as well as the environment.  This year, we have partnered with Banana Bus to help you get to and from the festival safely.   Book your spot on the bus HERE.

This is an addition that we have put in place to assist with regulating the amount of car traffic travelling to UNIFY. We want to encourage car-pooling or bus travel and minimise the festivals carbon footprint. Remember, if you arrive with 3 or more ticket holders in your vehicle, we will donate the cost of your pass to an onsite environmental initiative. #WINNING!

Car passes will be in the form of a unique ticket that will be scanned at the entry gate. This will then need to be placed in the windscreen as you make your way through to the event carpark.  Make sure you have a print out of this ticket or have it online in your wallet or passbook.  You will when you enter the event carpark.


PLEASE NOTE: Your car will NOT be allowed entry to the event car park without a car pass and you will be turned away.

If you have a ticket but cannot attend, find someone to purchase your ticket and email [email protected] to complete a name change. Name changes cost $20.00 and we require the first name, last name, DOB + Email for the new festival punter. Once complete, the original ticket will be voided, and a new ticket issued.

Name changes end on January 1, 2019.

Friday 12th – 2pm to 2am Sat morning
Saturday 13th – 8am to 2am Sun Morning
Sunday 14th – 8am to 2pm

Times may be subject to change.

UNIFY 2018 sold 7500 tickets in approximately 5 days. Whilst the new site is larger, UNIFY 2019 will only slightly increase the capacity. The last four events SOLD OUT ahead of time, so get in quick.

Yes! We have disabled toilets both in both The Jungle, and in The Pit. The ‘Pit’ Toilet will be located alongside the other toilets near the main entrance archway, and the ‘Campsite’ toilet is located within the designated camping area near Vollie HQ.  (Please speak to our friendly staff or security for access and assistance.)

Yes! There will be a viewing platform for those guests who require it.

Yes, UNIFY is a Camping Festival. Camping is free, and you have a couple of options when it comes to what you need to bring.  If a more traditional camping experience is what you prefer, you can bring your tent, sleeping bag and all the rest and set up on site. Camping slots are not pre-booked or purchased. There is plenty of room though so once you arrive on site you can find a spot to set up your camp and you’ll be good to go.

You can move between the campground and the car-park during daylight hours ONLY (between 8am to 8pm). After sunset you must remain in the campground/arena areas. If visiting your vehicle, The car MUST stay stationary until the conclusion of the event. Anyone re-entering the gates will be thoroughly searched for prohibited items.

Unfortunately, not, sorry! Leave the couches at home. They will not be permitted into The Jungle or The Pit.

UNIFY we will be offering HOT and COLD showers.

Yes, UNIFY is strictly 18+ with no exceptions.

No, once you enter the event carpark there will be no pass outs available. The car MUST stay stationary until the conclusion of the event. If you decide to leave the event carpark early you will not be allowed to re-enter the car park or the event. Make sure you bring plenty of cash, food, drinks, appropriate clothing and camping equipment for the entire event. With all the awesome music going on at UNIFY we’re confident you won’t want to leave anyway!


EXCEPTION: only those that have pre-registered with [email protected]  and proven they have local accommodation (proof of address or accommodation booking confirmation) can leave the site after 8pm. See CAN I LEAVE ON FRIDAY/SATURDAY NIGHT? for more details on staying locally.

If you wish to leave the event on either night, your wristbands will be cut by security and given to you as a memento. You will not be able to re-enter the event.

If you wish to stay locally you are required to submit proof of accommodation along with photo ID for each person wishing to stay off-site to [email protected] to be added to the ‘staying local’ list.


To allow you to leave the car park you must visit the ‘guest services’ booth and have your name checked off the ‘staying local’ list. You will receive a pass-out wristband to show security or staff when leaving or re-entering. This pass out will allow you to leave Friday and/or Saturday nights, and re-enter the following day.

Yes, you can leave anytime you like, however please remember that there are no pass-outs so once you leave you cannot re-enter.

Delicious food is all the rage and absolutely necessary when braving UNIFY. If you sell delicious food, we want to hear from you! Please email your request to [email protected].

Yes, you can bring your own drinks into the campsite area but not into the arena area. In the arena we have awesome bars serving beer, spirits and cocktails at very reasonable prices (please note, alcohol cannot be taken into or out of the arena area)

Yes, we will have a great selection of food trucks available, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. If on the off chance you have to queue during the event, think of it as a chance to meet new friends!

Apart from the obvious illegal things, you CANNOT bring:

  • Glass of any kind (Bottles, Jars etc)
  • Gas Bottles, BBQs or cooking devices of any kind (Triangas, nitros bulbs etc)
  • Dogs or pets of any kind, unfortunately
  • Generators
  • Fireworks or Flares
  • Fire Sticks & Poy
  • Kegs of any kind
  • NO Candles, campfires or fires of any kind
  • NO Handheld lasers
  • NO Selfie sticks
  • NO Illicit Drugs
  • NO Drones
  • NO Couches
  • NO Weapons of any kind (we don’t actually need to list that, do we?)
  • and MOST of all no bad vibes or arrogant attitudes!

Yes, barista made coffee will be available – most definitely on Sunday morning

For General Enquiries, please email info [at] unifygathering.com

For Ticketing Enquiries, please email ticketing [at] unifygathering.com

For Media Enquiries, please email press [at] unifygathering.com

For any sponsorship or advertising enquiries, please email Kat at Strategic Partnerships kat [at] unifygathering.com

For assistance with name changes, please email ticketing [at] unifygathering.com

To find out more about all of our amazing sponsors, click here


Or alternatively you can get in contact with us using the nifty form below


UNIFY will operate a digital currency for 2019, to ensure speed of service, increased security and ease of transactions at the bars, food vans and merch stalls.

Most importantly, there will be reduced bar lines, reduced time spent counting out coins to buy a beer and no danger of loosing your cash in the pit.

UNIFY is a ‘cashless’ festival. In other words, to buy food, merch and drinks at the event you’ll need to use PITCOIN as CASH WILL NOT be accepted by vendors.

To save time from queuing you can pre-purchase your PITCOIN online HERE.  It can be purchased at UNIFY FROM top up stations and info points.

Either top up online or with cash or card (bring cash to speed up your time in line!). The wristband you receive upon entry to UNIFY contains a chip, which can be read by the vendor’s scanning device, that deducts a set amount depending on what you purchase. They select the transaction on their device, tap your wristband against their device and BAM transaction is complete.

After each transaction, the vendor will show you the balance on your wristband. You can also ask any vendor or top up point and they can check your wristband for you.

Yes you can! There’s two ways you can refund unspent PITCOIN:

1. Make sure you keep your wristband or take a photo of the numbers on the band. Head to PITCOIN refund website (link to come). Simply enter your full name, email address, BSB, Account Number as well as the RFID and 4-6 digit serial number printed on the plastic chip on your wristband and hit complete! Your refund will be processed back into your bank account within 14 working days. Please note, online refunds under $5.00 are unable to be processed.


2. You can grab your refund in cash on the last day of UNIFY from our convenience store or any of our top up stations.

Add once upgraded camping goes on sale.

We have once again partnered with Kartent to offer biodegradable cardboard tents. These are completely recycled, waterproof and set up for you on arrival. For more information on Kartent, click here.


If you traditional or Eco Camping isn’t really your style –check out our Nottingham camping upgrades. This festival suburb has been designed with only the finest camping options. Choose from a number of different options, all with exclusive access to private toilets, top up stations and close to the arena gates. Book your spot in Nottingham HERE.



As above, Security will be patrolling the carpark day and night to move anyone into the campsite that is trying to set up camp in the carpark. If you have a Campervan you’d like to camp in, you must purchase a campervan pass and camp within the designated caravan park within the UNIFY site.


STRICTLY NO camping in the carpark. Security will be patrolling the carpark day and night to move anyone into the campsite that is trying to set up camp in the carpark.



This access pass will allow you to enter the campsite from Midday on Thursday 10th January. Please note that there is no access to the arena on Thursday.



Everyone purchasing an Early Access or UNIFY Experience Ticket automatically has a car pass.  The staff scanning at the gate will recognise this pass and allow you to proceed into the carpark.