Once you enter the event carpark there will be no pass outs available. The car MUST stay stationary until the conclusion of the event. This goes for campervans as well. Make sure you bring plenty of cash, food, drinks, appropriate clothing and camping equipment for the entire event.


You can ONLY move between the Campsite and Carpark during the daylight hours.
No Carpark access between 8pm & 8am


We have catered for all of your needs within the event site and with all the awesome music going on at UNIFY we’re confident you won’t want to leave anyway!



If you are staying off site or live locally, you must pre-register for a pass out by emailing [email protected] . You will need to show proof of local accommodation or address. Once approved, you can leave site from 8pm after checking out with our ticketing staff.


To allow you to leave the car park you must visit the ticketing booth, have your name checked off the local list, and obtain a car park pass-out wristband to show security or staff when leaving or re-entering. This pass out will allow you to leave Friday and/or Saturday nights, and re-enter the following day.